Real World Examples

 What does Google Apps look like in the real world? 

Look at the examples at right.

In almost every workshop I attend, we are linked to sharing in a google document or presentation, or sent to a google form to add data that is discussed during the workshop, with continued sharing long after.

We are part of an exciting journey that directly benefits our students. Thanks for learning.

Google Mail with Chat

There's nothing more real than this from Kim Cofino after the Japanese earthquake: "After a few hours, I was able to get in touch with Alex, via our school gmail chat (since the phone lines went down immediately – but the internet was uninterrupted), and ended up going up to school for the evening to help our students get home safely. "

I was able to use Google Phone through gmail to contact parents when our phones were down.

Our own Mrs. Adolph discovered the joy of video chat -- ask her about it. 

Google Docs

Shared document from Technology Workshop with Lucy Gray -- great links shared with participants;
Go to File --> Make A Copy to place in your own documents file

Shared document for online technology meeting -- collaboration and decision-making 24/7.

Google Forms (Spreadsheet with a form to auto-populate):

Google Forms used by OSPI Learning Source (just one example from many at OSPI)

Google Forms used by NSD for ordering your printer ink

Google Presentations (slideshows)

Shared and Collaborative Presentation by Tom Barrett: 56 Interesting Ways to Use an Interactive Whiteboard in the Classroom;  see more like this here. Go to File --> Make A Copy to place a copy in your own documents file.

See NSD Grade 5 shared/collaborative Online Safety Presentation created together online.

Google Calendar

From Anyman on a blog post by Tony Torero

"Oh my goodness, let me tell you that it has been a liberating experience to finally escape the analogue black hole of writing calendar reminders on a physical calendar as had been the norm for years and graduate to a hosted series of color-coded family calendars, living and breathing on the Internet in ‘The Cloud’ that we can access on demand from literally any point on the globe! You know me, I’d been using this system independently but it has been miraculous how doing this as a couple and for the four of us has improved our intra-family communications. Gone are those inevitable stressful moments when couples, uh, discuss whether or not one reminded the other of an appointment or event! "

Google Start Pages